Posted by: Sarah Stokes | March 3, 2011

At last it’s time for me to go live!

Hello All!

At least, hello to those dear friends of mine who have agreed to take a look at my tentative first steps into the world of blogging …. What a daunting prospect this has been. Since the beginning of December last year, I have had this nugget of an idea for a blog that I really think I could enjoy creating. But, as ever, the pressures of life and external influences have stopped me from doing it. Or, at the very least, have delayed me in hitting the ‘go live’ button and actually signing up to keeping this thing running.

But here I am, raring to give it my best shot.

So, what is this site all about? In a nutshell, it’s a picture book review site. Over the coming weeks, months, years …. my intention is to present some of the most interesting, intriguing, beguiling, sometimes stupefying visual texts I have encountered in my work as a primary school teacher, a studentĀ and in my role as a mother of four young children. I want to tempt you with brief, passionate descriptions of each book, and hopefully encourage you to let me have your own thoughtful comments in return.

I suppose the audience I have in mind for this would consist mainly of parents, teachers and librarians, although I would hate to limit its pages to just those consumers. I want it to be a site where people can see what’s out there in the world of children’s literature, pick up some advice or tips on how and where these texts have been successfully used with children, and reflect on their own experiences as readers and literature lovers. Along the way, I am sure I will share a few anecdotal experiences of my own, especially when discussing books that confront sensitive issues for young readers. I hope visitors to my blog will feel inspired to add theirs too.

Oh, and one final thought for this evening, which will pervade almost everything you see here – picture books are not just for young children! Watch this space ….


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