Posted by: Sarah Stokes | December 1, 2011

Don’t Read This Review!

Don’t Read This Book!

Jill Lewis and Deborah Allwright, London: Egmont, pb. 978 1 4052 3642 3, £5.99, 2009, 30pp.

I love this book, with its moral dilemma screaming from the title and challenging the reader before the front cover is even opened. Read on if you dare ….

The King is irate. Incandescent with rage. Apoplectic with fury. He expected a story – his story – to be ready and waiting for him once he arrived in his book. But the Royal story writer has mislaid his notes and the story just isn’t ready.

And so begins a delightful romp through the pages of this fabulously metafictive tale, with its obstreperous monarch making demands of everyone around him at every turn: the story must involve an incredibly handsome, amazingly clever and unbelievably brave king, it should be full of action and adventure, it should be ready now and it certainly doesn’t need a reader yet.

Readers will delight in the naughtiness of this text, daring to read on despite the King’s continuing threats of imprisonment and his harsh treatment of the story teller. How the story’s conclusion is finally reached is a miracle in itself, but the journey there is wonderful from start to finish.

You again? Are you still here? Well go away, the review is finished! And don’t you dare read this book! (Except you simply must!)

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  1. Now I want to read it!!

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