Sarah Stokes

Welcome to our picture book review site, where I have the enjoyable task of giving you a flavour of some of the most recent picture books I have come across, which have intrigued me in some way.

I am a mother of four children, all currently under the age of seven. In my previous life, I was a primary school teacher and worked in schools all over London and South East England. Since leaving full time teaching to focus on family life, I have tried to ensure that I stay creative, through learning new skills and trying new things. I have just completed my Masters degree in Children’s Literature, and have recently taken up writing book reviews for the online magazine, IBBYlink.

Erica Gillingham

I loved picture books when I was a kid. As an adult, I’ve come to love them even more. I’m still not sure what got it into my head that an MA in Children’s Literature was an AWESOME idea, but it was and I am grateful.

I hail from California and have lived in London for the past three years. My undergraduate work in Literature and Feminist theories influenced my Masters’ dissertation in LGBT picture books and I have spoken at the IBBY/NCRCL conferences in 2009 and 2010 on queerness and children’s literature. I currently write reviews for the online magazine, IBBYLink; previously wrote for the gay wedding blog, So You’re EnGAYged; and am now taking some time out to continue my research children’s literature.

Holly Grise (Guest Blogger)

I have always loved children’s books, but it wasn’t until the past few years that I fully appreciated the power of picture books. There is something extremely satisfying and awe-inspiring about the interaction between illustration and text that you only get by reading a picture book.

I’m currently situated in Ohio after a two and a half year stint living abroad in London, England. While in London, I completed my MA in Children’s Literature and further increased my knowledge and love of children’s books by working as a bookseller in an independent children’s bookshop. I now work as a freelance writer/editor in educational publishing (you can’t beat pjs as a dress code) and spend my free time writing and reading. You can read all about my geeky self on my blog: Embracing the Geek.



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